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Marketing Maturity Assessment

Thank you for completing your marketing maturity assessment.

A member of our team will be in touch to discuss the results below, but you can also take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one of our Marketing Operations Consultants. Simply contact us to arrange a time.


Gain insights into your identified gaps and explore potential strategies for improvement.

Your Scores

Your Marketing Maturity Score:


Your overall score indicates that your organisation is lagging behind the industry’s most mature marketing teams. It seems you have a basic martech stack and are not making the most of your resources, which limits your efforts and growth.
There’s a lot of room for development and progress if you want to compete with industry’s best. Get in touch to see your results and personalised recommendations outlining areas for further improvement.

Category Scores

Technology & AI:

1.5 /10

According to your tech stack score, your organisation is using some tech tools, but you are far behind the industry’s best. You should consider enriching your toolset and increasing the level of automation to support the planning and execution of marketing campaigns across different channels.

Content & Experience:


Your organisation’s marketing campaign planning could use some improvement and support. Consider expanding your reach by executing a broader campaign calendar of tactics and channels to increase audience engagement and brand recognition.

Data & Reporting:


Although you are employing some data management tools and processes, your organisation’s operations could use a more focused approach regarding analytics, lead management and sales enablement.

People & Processes:


Additionally, your organisation could benefit greatly by recognising and elevating the team’s skillset, standardising the marketing and operations processes and their implementation to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Next Steps

A team member will contact you to go over your assessment outcomes. However, you’re welcome to proactively schedule a 30-minute consultation at your convenience.

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