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By Joanna Mills

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10 sanity-checks for efficient Data Management

Discover ten ways to make data management more efficient, and keep your head while doing so.


Marketers know that data is important yet it isn’t always the most appealing aspect of marketing for creative individuals. Everyone knows how important it is, but nobody wants to deal with it. Like it or not, data is crucial, the lifeblood of campaign success or failure. Without it, marketing automation will not deliver awesomeness. Here are ten things you need to remember in order to manage your data efficiently and keep your sanity while doing so.

If you follow these ten stages, or sanity checks, for efficient data management, your marketing will become increasingly targeted, measurable and above all more effective.

  • Bigger databases don’t always mean better databases.
  • Look at what else is hidden in your data – always analyse.
  • Never forget to focus on completeness.