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Normalising your data makes it simple to target your campaigns effectively.

Target your campaigns effectively

Contact forms that incorporate free text fields, or selections that vary across geographies, business units and industries, can cause issues when it comes to your campaign targeting. Our team work to normalise your data, ensuring reduced redundancy and greater data integrity. Effectively target your campaigns with accurate segmentation.

Automatically normalise with Normalator

Users with access to Eloqua and Marketo can benefit from our Normalator platform. It works to automatically normalise data from free text fields, and present it in categories of your choice. The data becomes:

  • Comprehensive – containing all the information required for segmentation, reporting and lead generation
  • Accurate – up-to-date, and without any errors
  • Standardised – into defined picklists, for easy usability
  • Integrated – and available in all systems where it needs to be accessed

Clear, accurate data analysis

Transform, categorise and process your data in real-time and drive results for your sales and marketing operations with Normalator.

What is good data?


Contains all information needed for segmentation, reporting and lead gen.


Is up to date and doesn’t contain any errors.


Normalised into defined picklists, for easy usability.


Available in all systems where it needs to be accessed.


Transform, Categorise and Process data in real-time and drive results for your Sales and Marketing operations
Rules Based Normalisation

Setup normalisation rules using wild cards and regular expressions through easy to use rule builder.

Persona Generator
Machine Learning
Form Integration
Massive Throughput
Integrate with your Tech stack

Normalator integrates through a REST API, Web Hooks and supports CSV upload. It also integrates with leading Marketing Automation Tools.


“Strong B2B organizations no longer undertake data cleansing projects, but instead follow data policies and routines to consistently maintain data quality””


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