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Protect your customers and ensure continuous marketing data governance by making your data and Marketing Operations accurate, secure and compliant – wherever you operate.

Proactive marketing compliance strategies

Proactive marketing compliance strategies

CRMT will help you implement your marketing compliance strategy, taking data, people, processes and technology into consideration. We’ll proactively support you in achieving marketing compliance by interpreting and adhering to legislation to avoid steep fines, damage to reputation and the loss of potential customers.

A framework for continuous data governance

Data is one of your most critical assets. It’s the key to winning customers and optimising vital business processes. We take the complexity out of data privacy and compliance and provide you with a framework for continuous marketing data governance.
Through our suite of compliance services, from best practice advice, delivery management and technical support, we help you:

  • Ensure that your data is secure, compliant, accurate, well-managed and audited both measurably and sustainably

  • Operationalise your compliance strategy using a proven data protection and privacy framework

  • Develop a solid infrastructure for continuous marketing data governance

  • Optimise people, systems and processes to achieve marketing compliance.

Reliable evidence-based decision making

Data governance and compliance guarantees cleaner, consistent and usable information for your organisation, giving you the confidence that your data and your decisions are based on sound evidence.
With experience working across regions and supporting global and multi-country businesses, we’re able to support all your governance and compliance needs, wherever your organisation operates, and whatever its size.


Compliance Audits

We conduct a full audit of all your marketing data and applications, marketing technologies and operational practices to identify those that represent a data privacy or compliance risk.
We then document recommendations for eliminating or minimising data management risks against the requirements of the data governance and laws in the regions in which you operate.

Compliance and Governance Frameworks

Effective marketing campaigns rely on accurate data, well-devised segmentation and a single, consolidated customer view.
We design and implement compliance and governance frameworks based on the requirements of your organisation. These frameworks cover:

  • Data lifecycle mapping

  • Consent and preference management

  • Data handling and data retention practices

  • Local and regional policy and governance

  • Performance and adoption of best practices.

Compliance Implementation

We provide technical consultancy and project management for the implementation of ​compliance frameworks, new operational and data handling processes, and technology systems and platforms.

Compliance Maintenance and Support

We deliver hands-on support in making changes to key systems to reach compliance.
We can also provide you with support in the implementation of key aspects of your compliance roadmap, as well as with education around compliance across your marketing and sales teams.