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Reporting and Insights

Streamline your data capture processes and reporting infrastructure to demonstrate the value of marketing and its impact on your organisation.

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Prove the value of your marketing team

Well-designed marketing reporting processes enable you to demonstrate the value of your marketing teams, focus resources on the campaigns that perform best, and automate the ability to prove ROI.
We have extensive knowledge and experience of the latest business intelligence platforms, enabling us to help you create and embed automated marketing reporting processes that clearly illustrate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Deliver accurate insights that drive decision-making

Streamlined, integrated data analysis is the only way to deliver the insight you need to understand the value of marketing activity and its impact on business KPIs.
Most marketing teams use numerous technologies and tools to manage their operations, often making it difficult show the relationship between different marketing data sets and the wider business.
We help you present your data in one place, combining every strand of data into a single, unified view. This delivers a ‘single source of truth’ that creates the launch-pad for agile decision-making, as well as signifying the value that your marketing team delivers across the organisation.

Develop a streamlined, ROI-driven reporting process

There are some key steps we take when working with you to implement reporting improvements, all based on reporting best practice. These include:

  • Discovery – consulting with sales and marketing teams and leaders to identify reporting needs and agree KPI’s

  • Technical assessment – reviewing existing data flows and reporting capabilities

  • Reporting data analysis – reviewing existing data interpretation (leads, opportunities, MQLs, SQLs etc) and eliminating redundant data

  • Design of new reporting framework – adjusting existing workflows and implementing new ones; mapping data integration points

  • Design and build of reports – ensuring the right data is delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right people.

Identify your most profitable campaigns with attribution modelling

Gain valuable insight into which campaigns generate the most revenue and drive continuous campaign optimisation through the creation of a single customer view, integration of disparate data sources, and comprehensive analysis.
Attribution modelling measures marketing effectiveness by providing a 360°-degree view of your marketing campaign performance, whilst attributing revenue based on specific interactions with campaigns.
Our ABM strategy and segmentation service complements our reporting services and allows you to:

  • Prove the value of effective marketing by unlocking the most relevant data

  • Build trust with sales and leadership teams

  • Automate the process of proving ROI by showing how investments are influencing revenue multiple data sources and converts them into usable patterns and trends

  • Instigate a global campaign hierarchy to achieve consistent reporting across regions

  • Quickly and easily find out which elements of your marketing activities are generating the most leads and revenue.


Drive marketing reporting maturity

We help your organisation move from ad-hoc, inconsistent marketing reporting to a unified approach that uses a single set of dashboards to measure performance against core marketing and business KPIs.

Tailor reporting to your organisational needs

Answer the needs of your marketing, sales and business leaders by tailoring reporting processes to deliver only the insights relevant to them. This could include pipeline growth, deal velocity, engagement, campaign ROI, win rate, revenues….and much more.

Maximise insight

We have expertise in a wide range of Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence technologies, meaning we can implement and integrate new tools, or work with those already embedded within your business.
Our teams are highly experienced across major platforms including Domo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Power BI, Salesforce Pardot and Tableau.