Marketing Operations

Marketing operations has emerged as a key strategic investment due to the need for more effective, transparent, efficient and agile delivery of marketing programmes and pressure to demonstrate the value marketing contributes to an organisation.

Automation: Enabling Marketing

From marketing resource management to analytics, data management systems, content management, CRM and marketing automation, Marketing Operations selects, deploys and manages the marketing technology ecosystem.

Alignment: Cross-business alignment and strategy development

Best-in-class marketers take a different approach to aligning marketing with the wider organisation. They connect marketing activities and investments to business results, taking alignment beyond the Sales & IT functions.

Marketing Operations in these organisations facilitate the alignment process, oversee the development of a customer-centric marketing approach that ensures all customer touch-points and supporting functions are aligned against the full spectrum of business objectives.

Accountability: Cross-business alignment and strategy development

Marketers have a framework for establishing the metrics to measure and report on marketing’s value, impact, and contribution. Marketing Operations drives the development of this framework and key performance indicators (KPIs).

They manage the mechanics of measurement, perform the analysis, and publish the performance results. Marketing Operations translates marketing metrics into strategic, tactical, and investment decisions.

Agility: Multiple programme management

With the high demand for programme delivery coming from across the organisation ecosystem, marketing operations becomes the epicentre for marketing campaign configuration, testing and deployment. Such a function requires robust processes, people with the hottest set of marketing technology skills and the agility to manage multiple programmes at any one time.

Assessment: Achieve excellence through continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of assessment and benchmarking. It can only be achieved within a culture where there is genuine concern, dedication and a willingness among management and employees to improve.

While the marketing executive team sets the strategy and vision, Marketing Operations conducts the benchmarking and assessments to determine what standards, best-practices, processes, technology and skills are needed to deliver. Marketing Operations enables marketing organisations to become, and serve as, a centre of excellence.


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Successful execution of your Marketing Ops strategy through cross Enterprise collaboration

Successful execution of your Marketing Ops strategy through cross Enterprise collaboration

Marketing Operations is becoming increasingly important, but it won’t work without cross enterprise collaboration. Find out why.

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