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Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices with over 60,00 employees and $45 billion in revenue. Now, #286 on fortune 500 list, Lenovo is the world’s largest PC vendor.

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Key Challenges

  • Visibility of marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Expanding internal knowledge and understanding of Market.
  • How to produce campaigns at scale, efficiently across multiple European regions utilising multiple agency contributors.
  • Improving marketing alignment across multiple functional teams as well as Sales.

The Result

  • A defined roadmap inter-locking marketing operations processes to empower multiple stakeholder teams.
  • Cross-team alignment to maximise gains from marketing technology investments.
  • Better foundations for continuous improvement.
  • Positively impact campaign production efficiency and overall performance.

The Challenge

Like many global marketing organisations, Lenovo EMEA were producing and delivering large scale demand generation campaigns supporting multiple regions and sought better production efficiency and effectiveness to drive campaign speed to market. With Marketo marketing automation initially outsourced as a managed service (via another agency partner), they had limited visibility to measure marketing’s contribution to sales pipeline and required a better understanding of how Marketo could be adopted strategically and tactically to drive demand.

Underpinning business-as-usual campaigning, the aim was to embark on a journey of marketing improvement, laying the foundations and optimising processes and technology quickly to move towards a centre of excellence.

With the objective to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency by which their global marketing campaigns are produced from concept to delivery, Lenovo EMEA required best practice advice on how to maximise their marketing automation investment and a strategic path for continual improvement.

The Solution

CRMT Digital used their Marketing Performance Roadmap framework along with an impact scoring model to evaluate what tasks and projects would have the greatest influence on efficiency and effectiveness. This was then aligned against Lenovo’s key business objectives to produce a defined roadmap and a calendar of key milestone

Our Results


Improvement in email delivery rates

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

CRMT Digital started the discovery process with a collaborative workshop with Lenovo’s senior marketing and channel teams to understand the pains and challenges they were experiencing with campaign management as well as to unearth their longer-term aspirations and key business unit objectives. The workshop specifically looked at what investments they had already made in technology to date, their wider agency support ecosystem (their individual contributions) and the role technology & people played augmenting delivery. It examined platform set-up, configuration to support complimentary business units, data compilation and management rules as well as integration with other platforms including CRMT Digital. The outcomes from the discovery workshop were a set of key initiatives that were each rated with an impact score according to the benefits it could deliver as well as a prioritisation of tasks that would immediately influence day-to-day activity.

It was apparent that some key foundational elements had to be addressed that would deliver a variety of quick-wins – an assessment of global data including key segmentation field completeness, recommendations for web traffic improvement, email deliverability, and recommendations for contact archiving.

Other aspects that were specifically aimed at getting Marketo “match fit” were auditing partitions, optimising its configuration, a more consistent program structure, improved program and lead flow to CRMT Digital, standardised reporting and implementing form progressive profiling to standardised data capture.

Once the foundational elements were complete, CRMT Digital worked with Lenovo to optimise these foundations to drive efficiencies within marketing. This involved standardising campaign production processes, defining taxonomy and campaign codes and developing asset templates in Marketo to help make marketing teams more self-efficient in campaign production and execution. CRMT Digital also mapped out more advanced strategic tasks such as building personas and nurture programs, platform optimisation and further integrations with third party technologies.

As part of the technology roadmap, CRMT Digital managed a project to move Lenovo Think Progress from a shared to a dedicated IP address in Marketo. Once the new IP went live, CRMT Digital used IP warming by gradually sending emails to portions of their large contact database over 12 days to build trust and track deliverability. The impact was immediate with deliverability rates quickly exceeding 98% compared to much lower rates experienced on the shared IP.

What were the key achievements?

Following consulting engagement and marketing best practice advice, Lenovo EMEA are now on a defined marketing performance roadmap that’s aligned key stakeholders around people, processes and technology that’s positively impacting campaign results and operational efficiency. CRMT Digital provided Lenovo with an overlay of marketing operations expertise, continual technology and process support as well campaign production services.