Marketing Operations - the 'missing link' in your marketing department

March 15, 2009
By Colin Marks

Marketing is no longer just a ‘job’ – it has become an ‘operation’ involving a range of creative, administrative, scientific, analytic and technological skills with the potential to stretch the abilities of even the most experienced or highly-qualified marketing professionals.

Today, you need to be able to juggle campaign activity with gathering customer data and delivering high quality, qualified leads to your sales team, while reporting to an increasingly-savvy board of directors, who all want to be convinced that their money is being well spent.

What you need is an expert capable of bringing all of these technological, analytical and database skills together in a solution which recognises your need to practically integrate and synchronise all of your marketing systems and processes – someone like CRM Technologies. As a pioneer of the ‘marketing operations’ concept – with the hands-on experience to appreciate your marketing challenges and the in-depth knowledge to provide a solution – there is none better placed to help you.

Marketing Operations can deliver the entire automated customer lifecycle model to your overstretched marketing team, in a way which enables individuals to gain a clear oversight of the whole process, from data gathering and relationship acquisition, through the sales process and on to customer retention and development – in other words, the so-called ‘single customer view’ from first contact through to repeat buyer.

The notion of a ‘single customer view’ is not new in itself – but achieving it almost certainly is. The business world is littered with the remains of those marketing departments that have tried to achieve this ‘single view’ without being in possession of the necessary understanding and skills to make it work in practice. Anyone who has attempted to combine disciplines like database management, email marketing, event marketing and relationship management into a single, fully-synchronised ‘closed loop’ marketing system will fully appreciate the problems to be overcome!

Marketing operations can effectively offer the ‘glue’ which has been lacking until now. By focusing on providing the technical services, solutions and knowledge required by today’s marketing departments, operations specialists can allow the marketing department to focus on strategic and tactical innovation, without becoming bogged down by operational, technology and data challenges.

Marketing Operations can cover a wide range of specialist services for marketers, from data cleansing, enhancement and analysis, marketing database design, development and management through to fully-managed web based automated marketing systems. The skill is in the application of working practices, resources and technology to address the needs of the marketing department and other departments that rely on it. Without it, departments that truly wish to achieve the goal of a fully-synchronised, single view approach will either spend a fortune on ‘not quite achieving it’ or worse, will put the integrity of the entire department and its systems at risk.

Technology has taken over the marketing process in a way that few could have possibly imagined even just 10 years ago. CRM Technologies’ Marketing Operations expertise offers a real opportunity for marketing departments of any size, all over the UK, to achieve the kind of technology-based, fully integrated marketing process that business has always wanted.

It also means that marketing technology no longer needs to rely on the IT department for its upkeep, while marketers can go back to marketing again, safe in the knowledge that you now have the systems and data specialists available to keep both the sales team and the board happy!

About CRM Technologies

Founded in 1999, CRM is the first of a new breed of specialist marketing operations agencies to deliver a range of services and solutions to provide operational support for marketing departments. CRM provide access to operational best practices, technical expertise and administrative resource, enabling marketers to focus on strategic, creative and tactical innovation.

CRM provides a number of on-demand services for the busy marketing department from data cleaning and analysis through to emarketing and reporting. CRM also host and manage marketing databases, web applications, campaign landing pages and reporting portals – allowing sophisticated solutions to be deployed, with no IT overhead from the client.

CRM provides its solutions and services for micro-cap to large-cap size companies, operating primarily in the Hi-Technology and Services sectors. Clients include; Sun Microsystems, McAfee, Netstore, Benenden Healthcare, Gartner, Manhattan Associates and Micro Focus.

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