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By Joanna Mills


Your awesome guide to Marketing Data Platforms

Any discussion on integrations and data management inevitably gets expanded to include references to a central data storage location controlled either by IT or a dedicated marketing data team. Terms typically used to refer to this database can include data warehouse, data lake or MDM.

Our eGuide aims to demystify the terminology used to describe the different data architectures, and the ways in which these data repositories are managed and utilised across your business. Our Marketing Data Platform Guide covers the below topics:
  • EDW: Enterprise Data Warehouse: The original big data solution

  • Data Lake: Raw data at cloud scale.

  • MDM: Master Data Management – Big data for business users.

  • DMP: Data Management Platform – Cookie pools for digital advertisers.

  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management – The sales-centric view.

  • MA: Marketing Automation: The evolving tech stack.

  • CDP: Customer Data Platforms: the new kid in the stack.

Download our eGuide to learn more about the different data platforms and also how CRMT Digital can support your data quality challenges with our data enrichment, normalisation and deduplication product and services.

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