Make Your Marketing Real-Time And See Real Benefits

July 21, 2016

Cut to the chase with this simple definition of real time marketing, and the benefits that it could bring to your campaigns across multiple channels.

Real time marketing enables us to engage prospects with relevant and agile content in a manner that is suited to the prospect across whatever channel they happen to be active on. However, it involves detailed understanding of the prospect and their customer journey. Getting this right can be difficult but, if it’s done correctly, it can deliver real benefits in terms of increased conversion rates and greater engagement. Discover what real time marketing actually is and the benefits it can bring to your business in our infographic.

Truly real time marketing delivers relevant, compelling content based on a prospect’s past and current behaviours. If you can unlock this then you will see increased engagement with your brand, and of course increased conversions.


  • Real time marketing isn’t just about reacting in the present: past customer behaviour should always inform your real time campaigns.
  • Most marketers see real time marketing as an opportunity for more and better personalisation.
  • Successful real time marketing strategies are based on personalised, relevant messages appropriate to customers AND channels
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My Awesome Guide to: The Future of Marketing Automation

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