Free Marketing Data Audit From CRM Technologies

August 08, 2004
By Colin Marks

Specialists in sales lead management, CRM Technologies, are offering a free marketing data audit

Which is specifically designed to help marketing professionals identify where and how valuable customer data is located, and how well it is maintained and used.

The audit measures the quality and relevance of both B2B and B2C data that directly impacts the success of direct marketing campaigns. The results will deliver meaningful data that enables better execution of future campaigns. When each data audit is complete, the respondent will receive a report outlining key facts such as:

The data counts – including number of records, contacts and telephone numbers

Address breakdown – accuracy against the Postal Address File

Telephone numbers – accuracy against the Telephone Number File

Legislative compliance – volume that shouldn’t be mailed, telephoned or faxed, plus gone-always and those registered with the Mail, Telephone and Fax Preference Services

National Business Database reference – accuracy broken down by Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes, turnover, legal status and so on Contacts – breakdown by job function

Commercial Mosaic – comparison of your data against these classifications

“This audit is ideal for organisations concerned that their marketing performance does not match their marketing spend,” explained Andrew Freeman, Director at CRM Technologies Ltd. “The success of any marketing campaign – whether it be postal, by email or by fax, is only ever as good at the database it originated from. In addition, there is an ever-expanding set of legislative considerations – Data Protection, Freedom of Information and email-marketing to name but a few. It’s never been more important for organisations to ensure that they’re in complete control of all their valuable data assets,” he concluded.

To register for the free data audit, or for more information call us on +44(0)1256 399800 or email

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