CRM Technologies data expertise assists Micro Focus acquisition

February 23, 2009
By Colin Marks

Sales and Marketing operations specialist integrates business databases following acquisition

Sales and Marketing operations specialist CRM Technologies has played a significant role in enabling UK-based global software business Micro Focus plc to seamlessly integrate the business data of its latest acquisition into its own business information system.

Micro Focus bought web business applications company Netmanage in June 2008, with an objective to fully integrate Netmanage’s sales, marketing and customer information systems by September 2008. Drawing on its extensive data expertise, CRM successfully matched, cleaned and de-duplicated over 300,000 data records and 600,000 individual contact files across Netmanage’s core sales and marketing systems, enabling Micro Focus to integrate the required records from the remaining data into their Pivotal database.

Netmanage had run separate, non-synchronised databases for its sales, licencing and customer support functions, with no effective integration between the three. Consequently, Micro Focus faced a significant challenge in achieving its deadline for systems ‘switchover’ following the acquisition.

“We had worked with CRM Technologies before and we were confident of their credentials in the data quality and analytics field,” commented Micro Focus Worldwide Business Systems Manager, Danial Clarke. “With that in mind, we felt they were the obvious choice in helping us to ensure that we could achieve our systems switchover with quality, robust data which fully integrated with our systems at Micro Focus,” he added.

CRM Technologies mapped all of Netmanage’s business data against a series of agreed ‘core’ criteria – ensuring a minimum of data duplication between the systems – before delivering a final mapping file which provided integrated and de-duped data from Netmanage’s three databases as an overlay onto Micro Focus’ Pivotal database.

“Exercises like this underline how critical it can be to incorporate operational data from an acquired business in a way which lets both businesses operate effectively and seamlessly from day one,” commented CRM Technologies director Andrew Freeman. “Data quality is a key consideration for any sales and marketing team, but when you are combining the data from a number of disparate systems into a single business application, it becomes absolutely crucial.”

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus, a member of the FTSE 250, provides innovative software that allows companies to dramatically improve the business value of their enterprise applications. Micro Focus Enterprise Application Modernization and Management software enables customers’ business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk. For additional information please visit

About CRM Technologies

Founded in 1999, CRM is the first of a new breed of specialist marketing operations agencies to deliver a range of services and solutions to provide operational support for marketing departments. CRM provide access to operational best practices, technical expertise and administrative resource, enabling marketers to focus on strategic, creative and tactical innovation.

CRM provides a number of on-demand services for the busy marketing department from data cleaning and analysis through to emarketing and reporting. CRM also host and manage marketing databases, web applications, campaign landing pages and reporting portals – allowing sophisticated solutions to be deployed, with no IT overhead from the client.

CRM provides its solutions and services for micro-cap to large-cap size companies, operating primarily in the Hi-Technology and Services sectors. Clients include; Sun Microsystems, McAfee and Netstore Benendon Health, Gartner , Manhattan Associates and Micro Focus.

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