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March 06, 2008
By Colin Marks

Marketing operations specialist CRM Technologies is to offer custom-developed applications and professional services expertise for customers, following a new partnership with the company.

CRM Technologies approval as a consultancy and application exchange partner for means that the company can now offer bespoke application development services for existing customers of, while offering new users the opportunity to deploy completely customised applications which perfectly match their business needs. is one of the pioneers of ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) and its templated, ‘on-demand’ marketing applications delivered over the internet have historically been highly popular with small to medium sized businesses who do not wish to make long term, expensive licensing commitments to major marketing software vendors.

CRM Technologies partnership with means that the company can bring its best- practice marketing solutions and services to the salesforce platform through the SaaS model, allowing on-demand access to a wider range of individual businesses.

“We are delighted to have been approved as a partner,” commented CRM Technologies Director Andrew Freeman. “The market for ‘on demand’ software applications is growing quickly as businesses begin to appreciate the convenience and cost advantages of SaaS applications. Our aim is to offer them the next logical step in that concept – the opportunity to buy on-demand software that is custom tailored or specially developed to meet their business needs,” he said.

Robert Gavin,’s Director of Alliances for EMEA added, “ already offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for managing customers, partners, data, and sales processes. CRM Technologies’ ability to deliver bespoke, or custom-developed salesforce applications will allow customers to benefit from its experience and proven marketing operations expertise, in addition to the benefits that the Salesforce environment and SaaS model already brings to the marketplace.” is accessed securely over the Internet, enabling businesses to work from any location—home, office, or the road. According to, software as a service offers nothing to install, and no costly setup fees. Instead everything is for a business, including data security, upgrades and round-the-clock support – leaving staff with more time to concentrate on core business activities.

“CRM already has a strong history of delivering hosted and custom-built marketing applications including hosted databases, campaign landing pages and management portals,” added Freeman. “We are confident that the further innovations we will be able to offer through the salesforce model will significantly add to our ability to provide genuine, real-world value to our customers’ marketing activities.”

About CRM

Founded in 1999, CRM is the first of a new breed of specialist marketing operations agencies to deliver a range of services and solutions to provide operational support for marketing departments. CRM provide access to operational best practices, technical expertise and administrative resource, enabling marketers to focus on strategic, creative and tactical innovation.

CRM provides a number of on demand services for the busy marketing department from data cleaning and analysis through to emarketing and reporting. CRM also host and manage marketing databases, web applications, campaign landing pages and reporting portals – allowing sophisticated solutions to be deployed, with no IT investment from the client.

CRM provides its solutions and services for micro-cap to large-cap size companies, operating primarily in the Hi-Technology and Services sectors. Clients include: Sun Microsystems, McAfee and Netstore.

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