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Delivering operations excellence through marketing analysis and performance refinement.

Prove the value of marketing

Today’s modern marketing team uses many different technologies to manage their operations.This explosion of new and innovative channels creates a massive opportunity for companies to build stronger relationships with their customers and to start gaining powerful insights into how their marketing is performing.

Marketers are constantly under pressure to prove their value and contribution to the business and to build trust with the sales and finance teams. In this environment, pulling marketing, sales and financial data together has always been troublesome.

Create a single data set

You can create a single data set through our work with the latest business intelligence platforms and our experience in bringing multiple sets of data into a single repository. In addition we work to cleanse and de-duplicate your data, giving your teams access to a single customer view leading to increased campaign efficiencies and streamlining of data input processes.

In short we’re experts in helping marketing automate the process of proving ROI, as well as providing insights that help augment change and inform agile decision making.

Campaign analysis

For marketers, we focus on areas such as revenue contribution modelling, lead funnel management, campaign influence analysis and multi-stage revenue attribution. For digital marketers we take our service a step further and blend revenue sources with other outputs from all your media channels - adtech, search, social and video - and show how these investments are influencing revenue.

Through this level of campaign analysis and multi-stage revenue contribution we enable you to drive continual campaign optimisation, streamline efficiencies and processes and create marketing operations excellence.


"CRMT Digital laid the foundations for their accelerated growth and changed the perception of marketing within the company, right up to executive and board level due to the visibility and insight that the Eloqua platform provides."

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Successful execution of your Marketing Ops strategy through cross Enterprise collaboration

Successful execution of your Marketing Ops strategy through cross Enterprise collaboration

Marketing Operations is becoming increasingly important, but it won’t work without cross enterprise collaboration. Find out why.

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