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Attribution Modelling

Attribution modelling measures marketing effectiveness by providing a 360 degree view of your marketing campaign performance, whilst attributing revenue based on specific interactions with campaigns.

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Identify your most profitable campaigns

Gain valuable insight into which campaigns generate the most revenue and drive continuous campaign optimisation, through the creation of a single customer view, integration of disparate data sources, and comprehensive analysis.
Our ABM strategy and segmentation service:

  • Prove the value of effective marketing by unlocking the most relevant data
  • Build trust with sales and leadership teams
  • Automate the process of proving ROI by showing how investments are influencing revenue multiple data sources and converts them into usable patterns and trends
  • Instigate a global campaign hierarchy to achieve consistent reporting across regions

Attribution modelling will enable you to quickly and easily find out which elements of your marketing activities are generating the most leads and revenue.

Accurate modelling unlocks marketing value

Whether it’s revenue contribution modelling, lead funnel management, campaign influence analysis, multi-stage revenue attribution, or analysis of other outputs from all your marketing channels, we focus on the data points that are most valuable for your organisation.

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