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By marko.mladenovski


Webinar – MOps Unlocked Episode 1: B2B Data Quality Initiative

Welcome to the premier episode of our “MOps Unlocked” webinar series on data quality. In this series we explore various topics and ways to improve your Marketing Operations. This session was held on 13/07/2023.

Our speakers, Kamilla and Lisa share practical tips, best practices, and insights on data cleansing, validation, governance, and measurement. Whether you’re a data analyst or business owner, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge to enhance your B2B data quality. This webinar is especially useful for those marketing professionals who might be struggling with their data and wish to up their game and unlock their MOps potential.

This webinar focuses on:
  • Importance of data quality
  • Monitoring data health
  • Correcting existing and future data
  • Data enrichment
  • Creating a plan of action

Don’t forget to join us on our next episode, “MOps Unlocked Webinar: Top tips to improve your email deliverability” in which we will explore proven strategies, industry best practices, and expert tips to help you overcome the challenges of getting your emails into the right inbox. This episode is scheduled to be held on 14th of September 2023 at 15:30BST/10:30 EDT.