The importance of strong company culture in navigating the COVID pandemic

July 22, 2021
By Stojan Ezhov

COVID has presented numerous challenges and uncertainties in the daily operation of workspaces across the globe. Here’s how a strong company culture has helped mitigate the impact.

The importance of strong company culture in navigating the COVID pandemic

Entering a new workplace during a global pandemic brings forth a plethora of challenges. As someone who has joined a new company (CRMT Digital) only a month ago, I thought a lot about the entire onboarding process. How could I hope to integrate into the company’s processes, practices, from the comfort of my own home? If someone had told me that I would be wearing a mask during grocery shopping and working from the kitchen table would be the norm, rather than the exception – I’d probably have a nice, hearty laugh. Alas, it is 2021 and we are still reeling from the COVID pandemic – and it’s certainly not a laughing matter.

However, I discovered that if the company fosters a culture of mutual support and trust, the onboarding process and integration could proceed without a hitch. With one word, a strong company culture can be invaluable to new hires to settle in quickly and start delivering value in record time.

A new workspace reality

As the lockdowns rolled in and the world held its collective breath in the absence of a vaccine, we were forced to adapt quickly and adequately to the new reality. The office buildings emptied while the virtual meeting rooms were bustling with activity. Yet, in some cases, efficiency faltered, while in others, companies have not only adapted – but also managed to thrive. At its core, the pandemic has revealed the strength (or lack thereof) of the founding tenets an enterprise is built upon.

Consistency in the face of uncertainty

It’s in our human nature to grasp for something stable and/or consistent in the face of hardship. Thus, a company that nurtures trusting and supportive professional workspace relationships, with established processes and pipelines, can easily adapt to sudden and unforeseen changes. Additionally, this consistency allows for deeper engagement between business partners, as well as employees. This is especially true in my own experience in the current work-from-home environment where proper, concise, and clear communication between parties is essential for a successful delivery of products and/or services.

Company culture as a framework

In terms of efficiency, the overall company culture at CRMT provides pleasant environment and a secure framework which employees adhere to while working remotely. My current engagement with CRMT has been entirely remote, yet the moment I open my laptop alongside my morning coffee, my workroom becomes my office – almost a part of the company itself. Through mutual professional trust and support, my workday from home is as indistinguishable from the workday at the office as it can ever be. This is true both in terms of balanced workload that delivers optimal results, as well as further personal and professional development.

What does it mean for marketing automation?

The new reality of the pandemic has driven our lives online, which has resulted in an explosion of demand for digital goods and services. This has led to increased need for scalability in marketing operations, and inevitably, automating certain marketing processes. In a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, businesses are searching for agencies that can regularly provide consistent results. At this point, the strength and ability of the marketing automation agency to deliver comes to the fore – and the company culture certainly plays a vital role. It inspires trust in the company’s competence and expertise, in partners and employees alike – and allows for normal operation in tumultuous times.

Final Words

Having well established processes, a healthy work environment and a strong company culture, means the company can adapt to changes and have easier employee integration, allowing the company to continue to expand in these “interesting times”.

Written by Stojan Ezhov - Digital Production Specialist, CRMT Digital

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