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Our Work

The Foundry

When visual effects technology firm The Foundry decided to implement marketing automation software from Eloqua, they realised that in order to make the most of the features within Eloqua, their data needed to be in good shape.

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Key Challenges

  • Preparation for on-boarding of Eloqua’s marketing automation software, including integration with Salesforce.
  • Full data audit and cleanse required in order to maximise the benefits of Eloqua.

The Result

  • Creation of a single customer view
  • De-duplication of records
  • Improved data segmentation and targeting

The Challenge

The Foundry’s data was held in lots of different locations, spreadsheets, and databases. They wanted to pool this into a single view, de-duplicate and standardise naming conventions for things like job titles and roles in order to maximise opportunities with their new Eloqua system. They decided to undertake a full data audit and cleanse. They approached CRMT Digital, as recommended by Eloqua, in order to assist them in this operation.

  • De-duplicate data

  • Standardise naming conventions

  • Creation of a single customer view

The Solution

CRMT Digital reviewed and cleansed 68 source files which included cleansing, merging and contact de-duplicating 92,000 records. The process also picked up variations in spellings and sorted any corrupt foreign characters. CRMT Digital integrated the data with The Foundry’s Salesforce system, ensuring a single customer view and providing us with the ability to effectively segment and target campaigns.

Our Results


Source files cleansed.


Records de-duplicated.


Single customer view created.

“CRMT Digital identified that they were not populating the job role field effectively and advised us on the benefits of having this data available on all our contacts, ensuring that we could further segment and target effectively.”

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

CRMT Digital cleansed, standardised and de-duplicated data, identifying that The Foundry were not populating the job role field effectively. There are often several job titles for a similar job role. CRMT Digital then advised The Foundry on the benefits of having this data available across all contacts, ensuring further segmentation and increasing their ability to target effectively, helping with the initial process of developing and mapping job levels and functions.

What were the key achievements?

CRMT Digital increased The Foundry’s confidence in the quality of their data in Eloqua. Through CRMT Digital’s DataStart process, they assisted The Foundry in identifying best practice and significantly helped them to standardise their internal data input processes.

Additionally, the learnings taken from CRMT Digital enabled The Foundry to drive processes for further standardisation of contact forms to assist with providing data richness against each record.