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McAfee – Marketing Automation

McAfee is a worldwide leader in online protection. We’re focused on protecting people, not devices. Our solutions adapt to our customers’ needs and empower them to confidently experience life online through integrated, easy-to-use solutions.

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Key Challenges

  • Integrating vast volumes of data from different territories
  • Long lead generation cycles
  • Reliance on manual processes
  • Unable to take advantage of Eloqua’s closed loop reporting functionality

The Result

  • 40% more opportunities
  • Automatic lead generation and campaign creation
  • Standardisation of data and improved data quality
  • Significant reduction in resource overheads
  • Highly accurate, closed loop reporting

The Challenge

The aim was to embark on an ambitious marketing automation campaign to overcome significant integration challenges. Due to McAfee’s global presence it has a large volume of data coming from different territories. This created a challenge in terms of translating, standardising and validating information before it reached Eloqua. This process was particularly important as McAfee uses two different Oracle On Demand CRM systems, internally called Insight and Spark, meaning that data needs to move between both CRM systems and Eloqua seamlessly and reciprocally.

The Solution

CRMT Digital developed a unique dual-integration between two Oracle On Demand CRM systems and Eloqua, a custom integration between Oracle On Demand and Eloqua’s closed loop reporting functionality, and the building of four Cloud Apps to streamline processes and improve data quality.

Our Results


More opportunities.


Increase in new leads.


Increase in MQLs to opportunities

“The project with CRMT Digital was a tremendous step forward for marketing operations – showing McAfee’s dedication to process improvement; knowledge of marketing ops best practices; and ability to perform at an exceptionally high level.”

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

CRMT Digital built four Cloud Apps for McAfee, integrated into Eloqua, to help streamline processes and boost data quality. Prior to this, the process for generating asset names was largely manual, performed in a series of spreadsheets. The asset names would then have to be manually moved across to Eloqua. This is now fully integrated into Eloqua, allowing users to select from a series of pick lists that will in turn display only the information fields required for the type of asset they are creating.

McAfee also worked with CRMT Digital to create a data uploader for Eloqua. ‘Email Address’ is the only required field in the standard Eloqua process. This and the fact that no data validation is performed on upload means that data was often uploaded by field marketers with minimal information, formatted incorrectly and did not adhere to select list values within the system. The data upload tool that was developed not only allows McAfee to set required fields for upload but also allows the company to validate data against the select lists in Eloqua. As a result data is far cleaner, with better segmentation ability and more likely to pass to McAfee’s CRM systems without issue.

What were the key achievements?

McAfee has achieved 30% more opportunities with 25% fewer leads. This highlights the quality of leads the company is now finding and translates into 40% more opportunities. The number of entirely new leads has also increased by 4%, while Marketing Qualified Leads to Opportunity have increased by 14%, as McAfee is able to find engaged contacts and build better segments. On the ‘softer’ side, too, McAfee has reaped strong rewards. Its relationship with the Global Demand Center has been strengthened and its team has become a trusted and respected partner in improving and maintaining the highest level of marketing automation processes and procedures.