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Magnolia, provider of the world’s leading composable digital experience platform, saw the potential of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to better understand, segment and resonate with its audience while optimising marketing spend. Together with CRMT, the company was able to realise that potential faster and more effectively than it could have imagined.

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Key Challenges

  • Crafting a comprehensive data model for ICP and TAM
  • Curating regional target account lists spanning 3,000+ accounts
  • Assessing and refining marketing operations infrastructure

The Result

  • Successful development of an ICP data model
  • Regional TAM lists comprising 3,000 actionable accounts
  • Operational improvements integrating ZoomInfo for enriched data

The Challenge

ABM, centred on personalised, account-specific campaigns, promised a more targeted and impactful marketing methodology for Magnolia. Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Poliseno was no stranger to the benefits such refinements could mean to the company and its customer base – today and in the future – but understood the breadth of the task before him and the reality that his team alone couldn’t seize the opportunity in time.

“We all know that personalisation is king in today’s climate,” recalls Anthony. “But there’s a big difference between knowing something and capitalising on it, and to do the latter, we needed support from a highly knowledgeable and highly capable outside partner. We found that partner in CRMT.”

To achieve the latter and successfully transition from a broader audience-focused marketing strategy to an account-centric ABM model, Magnolia, with the aid of CRMT, had to overcome a number of complex challenges, including:

  • Data Modelling Complexity: Constructing a robust Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and delineating Target Account Lists (TAL) demanded comprehensive data analysis, segmentation and identification of high-potential accounts.

  • Operational Refinement: Simultaneously, aligning existing marketing operations infrastructure to accommodate the shift to ABM was crucial. This required operational enhancements and integrating tools like ZoomInfo for enriched data.

  • Strategic Adaptation: Adapting the marketing team’s mindset and practices from a mass outreach approach to a highly targeted account-based methodology posed a significant cultural and operational challenge.

“This project wasn’t a simple case of installing a new tool and leaving it there,” continues Anthony. “We had to change our infrastructure and our mindset if we wanted to see better, data-driven engagement with our audience.

“We knew when we met the CRMT team that they could help us achieve that and more. Conversations began following strong referrals, but the partnership was cemented when we quickly realised a great cultural and budgetary fit.”

The Solution

The engagement began with CRMT conducting a comprehensive data analysis project. Through a meticulously crafted approach, CRMT was then able to deliver targeted, tailored solutions, including:

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Model: CRMT, leveraging its deep domain expertise, designed an ICP data model encompassing key criteria and attributes defining the most lucrative customer profiles for Magnolia International.

  • Target Account Lists (TAM) Curation: The collaborative effort led to the creation of regional TAM lists comprising a substantial 3,000 high-potential accounts. These lists formed the bedrock of the targeted ABM campaigns.

  • Operational Enhancements: CRMT’s insights and operational enhancements streamlined Magnolia’s marketing operations, integrating tools like ZoomInfo for enriched data, enabling precise targeting and personalisation.

Our Results


Regional target accounts curated

“CRMT has proven to be a terrific partner to build out a functional, successful GTM program across all parts of the company,” explains Anthony. “Not only have they helped us deliver agile, data-rich campaigns, but they’ve helped us do that in a streamlined ecosystem that’s more effective and efficient than we could’ve hoped.”

What were the key achievements?

The successful implementation of the new ICP model laid the foundation for targeted and effective account selection and campaign strategies.

“Now, targeting forms the bedrock of our campaign strategies,” says Anthony. “We’re more precise, more relevant and more impactful with our engagements than we’ve ever been, and I have no doubt that this will be pivotal in turning the heads of our most valued prospects.”

Actionable Target Account Lists

The compilation of region-specific TAM lists comprising 3,000 accounts has empowered Magnolia International with a precise roadmap for targeted marketing action.

“Not only are we benefiting from radically improved precision, we’re finally able to craft meaningful, personal connections with our audience,” Anthony explains. “It’s this attention to relationships that will help us drive resonance and conversion for a long time to come.”

Operational Efficiency

Operational enhancements, including the integration of ZoomInfo, have facilitated enriched data acquisition and streamlined marketing operations for effective execution.

“CRMT has proven to be a terrific partner to build out a functional, successful GTM program across all parts of the company,” explains Anthony. “Not only have they helped us deliver agile, data-rich campaigns, but they’ve helped us do that in a streamlined ecosystem that’s more effective and efficient than we could’ve hoped.”

The Future

Magnolia praised CRMT’s exceptional project management capabilities, citing their agility, timely deliveries and adaptability to evolving project needs. As a result, Anthony and his team see this project as the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.

“Communication channels – including virtual meetings, in-person discussions and prompt email correspondence – has streamlined project progress,” recalled Anthony. “This, combined with CRMT’s diverse skill set and domain expertise, has led to the creation of a hugely successful Go-To-Market program.”

With the foundational elements in place, Anthony and his team envision further leveraging CRMT’s expertise to expand the scope of the ABM strategy. Plans are underway to delve deeper into reporting, driving more granular insights for enhanced campaign performance.

“CRMT’s contribution has played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for our future marketing success,” Anthony concludes.