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FoundOcean is a subsea and offshore grouting specialist for the global energy construction industries. The firm approached CRMT Digital in December 2010 with a view to implementing across the business, aiming to create a single customer view and consistent information source on customer communications. We spoke to Marketing Manager Rebecca Morgan about her experience of implementing with CRMT Digital.

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Key Challenges

  • Multiple sources of data
  • Multiple data formats
  • Lack of user adoption of previous CRM system

The Result

  • Creation of a single customer view
  • Instant access to up-to-date information
  • Developing bespoke functionality to meet requirements

The Challenge

We had multiple sources of customer information internally, held on a variety of databases, spreadsheets, people’s individual email contacts and more.

There was no single source of information on how we were communicating with customers and some prospects.
This made it difficult for management to get a clear view of the status of projects we were tendering for. It was also time-consuming for the team as they would have to spend time searching for the latest update or getting a brief from their colleagues.

Our main objectives with Salesforce were to implement a single customer view of all communications and information, as well as ensuring adoption amongst the team of the new system.

The Solution

We now have no duplication of information and have a single customer view. Monthly reporting is much easier and efficient as all of our information is joined up, enabling everyone to see the latest update in context and make informed decisions. In particular, our management team are able to access information that previously would have required one of us to prepare in a report format; we have certainly developed more of a ‘help yourself’ culture now.

“CRMT Digital designed and implemented some excellent work-arounds to ensure the formulas and calculations we required would work, as budget wouldn’t allow us to upgrade to Enterprise.”

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

CRMT Digital enabled Salesforce implementation service in a manner that ensured optimisation of Salesforce functionality. CRMT Digital provided the expertise and guidance FoundOcean needed in order to develop bespoke solutions that suited their specific industry requirements. The implementation of this bespoke solution enabled FoundOcean to maximise the potential of their Salesforce solution without having to find additional budget to upgrade to Enterprise.

  • Implementation of Salesforce

  • Creation of a bespoke solution suited to industry specific needs.

  • Maximised the potential of Salesforce without the need to upgrade to Enterprise.

Through the successful implementation of a bespoke solution FoundOcean were able to streamline processes and increase efficiencies across the sales team.

What were the key achievements?

FoundOcean were able to streamline their data sets resulting in the creation of a single customer view. Additionally members of the team now have instant access to up-to-date information, reducing reliance on reporting. Decisions can now be made informed by actionable, easy to access, information.

  • Creation of a single customer view.

  • Instant access to up-to-date information.

  • Developing bespoke functionality to meet requirements.