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Our Work


Financial management software company Basware appointed CRMT Digital to initiate a more comprehensive database marketing strategy using Eloqua’s marketing automation platform.

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Key Challenges

  • Greater alignment between Marketing and Sales
  • Rapid growth programme
  • Geographically distributed marketing teams

The Result

  • Greater focus on data quality and segmentation
  • Contact form submissions increased six-fold
  • Monthly unique site visitors more than doubled
  • 115% increase in contact database size

The Challenge

Basware’s marketing organisation is a highly functioning, geographically distributed group, divided into a corporate marketing function and regional field marketing. Corporate marketing provides a shared services capability for global campaign definition, content development, PR, AR, product marketing and marketing infrastructure functions, including the Eloqua marketing automation platform. The regional field marketing organisation is divided into five operations regions: North East (Finland & Russia); Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark & Sweden); Europe; North America; and APAC.

Basware is actively pursuing a programme of rapid business growth on a global basis. One aspect of this strategic initiative is the need to increase their digital marketing footprint and establish a basis of measurement for their marketing communications performance. Additionally, they needed to facilitate a greater alignment between Marketing and Sales.

  • Increase digital marketing footprint.

  • Establish a basis of measurement for marketing communications.

  • Increase alignment between Sales and Marketing.

The Solution

As a result Basware’s overall approach to marketing has changed and the quality of marketing increased. Basware saw a 115% increase in contact database size and now have a much greater focus on data quality and segmentation. Outbound email volumes have now doubled and response effectiveness is now able to be measured.

Our Results


Contact form submissions increased six-fold.


Monthly unique site visitors more than doubled.


Increase in contact database size.

“CRMT Digital laid the foundations for their accelerated growth and changed the perception of marketing within the company, right up to executive and board level due to the visibility and insight that the Eloqua platform provides.”

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

It became clear that Eloqua offered Basware the best overall solution and a clear growth path for future requirement, and that CRMT Digital were the best partner to work with as they are Eloqua certified and were already engaged on DataStart. CRMT Digital and Eloqua has contributed to laying the foundations for Basware’s accelerated growth and supported the launch of their Invoice Ready solution.

  • Put in place foundations for growth

  • Altered perception of marketing across the company

  • Mapped in future requirements

The first sale of InvoiceReady in North America was directly attributable to an Eloqua-generated lead. In addition to the sales and marketing success they have experienced using Eloqua, the internal impact of CRMT Digital and Eloqua on Basware has been equally important. The internal perception of marketing within the company, right up to executive team and board level, has changed with the visibility and insight that the Eloqua platform now provides.

What were the key achievements?

CRMT Digital advanced the way Basware use email in our marketing campaigns. Following an initial period of acquiring more contact data, CRMT Digital used the SmartStart solution to dramatically improve the speed of deployment of campaigns, helping to resolve data quality issues and putting records into a uniform format. The team is now collaborating seamlessly with Eloqua and other partners to support both lead nurturing and lead scoring initiatives. CRMT Digital are helping to ensure that Basware have sophisticated processes in place that offer more support to the sales team and better measurability for marketers.