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Our Work


Arkadin is the world’s fastest growing collaboration services provider helping businesses drive their digital transformation journey to achieve a Digital Workplace, connecting employees all over the globe.

CRMT Digital delivers game-changing fast, frictionless customer experience SmartStart solution for Arkadin with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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Key Challenges

  • Visibility of marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Expanding internal knowledge and understanding of Market.
  • How to produce campaigns at scale, efficiently across multiple European regions utilising multiple agency contributors.
  • Improving marketing alignment across multiple functional teams as well as Sales.

The Result

  • A defined roadmap inter-locking marketing operations processes to empower multiple stakeholder teams.
  • Cross-team alignment to maximise gains from marketing technology investments.
  • Better foundations for continuous improvement.
  • Positively impact campaign production efficiency and overall performance.

The Challenge

Arkadin provides a range of communications and audio, web and video collaboration solutions in the cloud for fast deployment. They realised that the modern Digital Workplace requires efficiency and a high level of productivity. Organisations would benefit from offering every employee a personalized customer experience to rapidly accelerate user adoption of everyday new technology whilst minimizing disruption to the business.

While a fast tracker programme was in place to provide advice and upskill users, Arkadin required a more effective solution to accelerate user onboarding of their enterprise Anytime/Anywhere clients. The current five-step email process was replaced with a streamlined, automated and personalised web experience that allowed users to fast-track their induction.

The Solution

CRMT Digital’s extensive technical knowledge of Oracle Marketing Automation (Eloqua), best-practice personalisation and customer journey expertise as well as front-end and back-end web development skills, we were the ideal partner for Arkadin to deliver this key initiative.

Aligned with Arkadin’s branding and UX best practice, CRMT Digital designed the wireframes and developed mobile-optimised web pages to deliver a streamlined multiple device user experience, complementing the existing email onboarding programme in place.

“We were proud to work with Arkadin on this initiative to showcase our technical and design capabilities in marketing automation and tech integration.” said Sean Seelochan, Professional Services Director at CRMT Digital. “With frictionless customer experience at the forefront of digital technology and multi-channel marketing, we developed Arkadin’s personalised onboarding portal with user journey best practice and customer first out-of-the-box thinking.”

CRMT Digital designed and developed a bespoke experience to help organisations fast-track employee adoption of their new technology – rapid onboarding was the key to improving productivity.

A computer monitor and a smartphone both showing the Arkadin web home page
Our Results


increase in adoption rates.


Average end-user adoption rates.


Minutes or less to onboard a new user.

“Average end-user adoption rates reached 40%…considering the average for similar video conferencing services is 24%. SmartStart played a critical role in this increase.”

Nikki de Kretser

VP Marketing, Arkadin

What activities did CRMT Digital undertake?

With a focus on creating a frictionless and personalised customer experience, CRMT Digital managed the integration of Eloqua and developed a step by step non-linear user journey that allowed users to choose their own path in one centralised place.

Personalisation and a seamless web experience were key to the success of the initiative. Custom data objects in Eloqua stored essential new customer purchase information which personalised the web user experience from the get-go, through every stage of their adoption journey including real-time email alerts to push users to complete stages of onboarding.

Adding to the experience, users can download a personalised productivity toolbar via a unique link from the desktop experience to sync with their email tool. A mobile application download is also available from an app store.

A further integration between Eloqua, the CMS system and video platform Vidyard, ensured content consumption is tracked and user adoption measured. Each end user can track their own progress whilst on-boarding management teams can track adoption from a holistic perspective. This synchronisation enables better user journey tracking by providing visibility of progress through to completion.

Additional features include:

  • Personalised productivity tools.
  • Accessible via mobile app download.
  • Encryption so user ID, PIN, password can’t be seen/ is protected.
  • Multi-language variants.

The portal was not only developed with the end-user in mind but also Arkadin’s marketing team. CRMT Digital ensured webpages could be easily managed and updated by internal teams with minimal support. SmartStart was built with the ability to scale, rolling out for other key products and services across Arkadin portfolio and to support up to 19 languages.

What were the key achievements?

Arkadin achieved a 10% increase in the onboarding rate of new users as a direct result of the SmartStart adoption portal, having been utilised by over 165,000 users. SmartStart has transformed adoption for organisations trying to drive digital transformation while maintaining high levels of productivity and achieving ROI. Arkadin customers can now offer their employees an easy to use, quick and personalised solution that allows them to adopt new technology without impacting daily productivity.

The project has delivered €6.9million in new revenue for Arkadin and it will continue to roll out across North America and Asia. Arkadin have been recognised for digital innovation with SmartStart and their ambition to meet the deployment needs of enterprise clients and drive customer experience excellence with marketing automation technology.

“Average end-user adoption rates reached 40%…considering the average for similar video conferencing services is 24%. SmartStart played a critical role in this increase” Nikki de Kretser, VP Marketing, Arkadin.