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By Joanna Mills

Digital Asset

Improve your asset inventory and define core meta-data with our Content Matrix Template!

A content matrix is a powerful tool that helps you develop and refine your Go to Market Strategy.

By making it easy to assess and categorise your existing content assets, our Content Matrix Template enables you to more accurately target users with the content that is relevant to them, at the time they need it.

Our Content Matrix Template is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to:
  • Create a clear, searchable inventory of all your content assets

  • Identify the role that your content plays in your buyer journey, informing your lead generation and lead nurturing programmes

  • Ensure that your content is current, well-targeted and consistent with your overall marketing goals

  • Assess gaps in your content library, so you can plan and prioritise new content development.

Download our Content Matrix Template today to help refine and streamline your content marketing strategy.

Download our free Content Matrix Template