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By Joanna Mills

Digital Asset

Accelerate Marketing Success with Our Campaign Request Form

Building and executing marketing campaigns can be a complex process. It usually involves multiple stakeholders, requires a variety of assets, and relies on a mix of marketing operations skillsets.

Our Campaign Request Form is designed to remove this complexity and provide a clear, structured process to follow – and to embed for all future campaign activity.

Using the Campaign Request Form, Marketing Managers and Campaign Managers can:
  • Gather all the information needed from all stakeholders in one place to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns

  • Templatise and structure every part of the campaign, including emails, landing pages, forms, reporting and data

  • Ensure Marketing Automation specialists have all of the information required to deliver campaigns quickly and effectively

  • Manage every stage of the process and monitor changes or issues for quick resolution.

Download our Campaign Request Form to help you manage and deliver your marketing campaigns faster and more effectively, driving quicker ROI.

Screenshot from the Campaign Request Form

Download our free Campaign Request Form Template