Data Management & Analytics

Driving marketing campaign transformation through data standardisation and continual campaign tuning.


Bad quality or incomplete data can seriously constrict your ability to market and sell effectively. It can hold you back in taking full advantage of the sophistication and automation in Demand Generation activities that your investment in marketing automation enables.

CRMT Digital’s DataStart is a proven set of data services and methodology to get your marketing data in great shape for both your marketing automation and CRM system. You will benefit from a single, complete, compliant and accurate set of data, organised and segmented to align with your business goals. Enabling you to drive insight, strategy and meet campaign targeting and reporting requirements - ultimately to achieve campaign and business success.

Data Normalisation

Effective campaign targeting requires good and accurate segmentation. This can present a real problem when dealing with contact forms that incorporate free text fields and sections that vary widely across companies and industries. Our team can normalise your data, making it simpler for you to target your campaigns effectively.

For users of Eloqua and Marketo, we have taken this process one step further by developing Normalator, which takes free text fields and automatically normalises the data into categories that you choose.

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Enhancement services

Drive continual campaign optimisation through CRMT’s database enhancement services resulting in increased targeting accuracy through data correction, continual analysis and reporting. Align your database with enterprise-wide, future looking, business goals through data source merging, deduplication, cleansing and appending with third party sources.


Drive continual campaign transformation through regular reporting and data analysis based around defined objectives, performance and measurement metrics resulting in constant optimisation of the customer experience and demand generation programmes.

Data Management Platforms

Say goodbye to multiple sources of inconsistent customer and prospect data. Say hello to a centralised, accurate, single view of your customers and prospects!

You know that there are often multiple sources of customer and prospect data in your organization, a challenge for marketers looking to improve campaign effectiveness and a high degree of segmentation. At CRMT Digital, we take a holistic view of data using Master Data Management (MDM). MDM is an approach that allows you to align data across the enterprise and, when blended with other sources of enterprise customers data, moves you towards a single customer view sitting on a data management platform.

Data Privacy and Compliance

We take the complexity out of data privacy, helping you to implement your compliance strategy initiative by operationalising key frameworks to support you on your journey towards data protection compliance, taking people, technology and measurement into consideration.

Our services guide and optimise people, systems and processes towards marketing compliance and in-turn, help develop a longer-term strategic framework for continuous marketing data governance.

Are you ready for GDPR? Learn more about our data privacy services.

The Foundry

"CRMT Digital identified that they were not populating the job role field effectively and advised us on the benefits of having this data available on all our contacts, ensuring that we could further segment and target effectively."

Visual effects and image processing technology

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10 Practical Steps Towards GDPR Compliance For Marketers

10 Practical Steps Towards GDPR Compliance For Marketers

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