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CRMT Digital drive transformation of your marketing activities based upon Seven Pillars of Success

CRMT Digital enable you to transform your marketing

CRMT Digital help marketers transform their organisations by using insight, technology and data to improve customer engagement and marketing performance.

Through a framework of best practice methodology, combined with fifteen years experience operating at the cutting edge of configuration, integration and management of leading sales and marketing technology, we have led the way in helping global organisations transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated, agile programmes that deliver efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment.

Seven Pillars of success

Underpinning our customer centricity and drive to deliver are Seven Pillars of success.

Each of these seven pillars combines the skills of subject experts, strategic consulting and programming masters alongside tactical and technical delivery teams to support operationalisation. Together these seven pillars enable continual optimisation of your marketing activities moving your business towards the cutting edge of operations excellence.

Smart Engagement through Global Enablement

CRMT Digital transform the marketing activities of global companies into centres of excellence that deliver on key revenue objectives.

Sales and Marketing alignment

CRMT Digital transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated, effective and efficient campaigns that optimise the customer experience and deliver against revenue generation objectives.

Enabling metric based tactical decisions

CRMT Digital, through marketing operations, drive the development of a framework, and measurement, of key metrics and KPIs empower the making of tactical decisions through actionable insights.

Continual campaign tuning

Through consulting and data and analytics management CRMT Digital enable your business to drive continual campaign optimisation, increasing the customer experience and filling the sales funnel.

The Foundry

"CRMT Digital identified that they were not populating the job role field effectively and advised us on the benefits of having this data available on all our contacts, ensuring that we could further segment and target effectively."

Visual effects and image processing technology

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Marketing Operations, It's Your Time to Shine

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