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CRMT Digital is the ideal partner to support any existing creative or design-led agency when it comes to technical delivery of your integrated marketing campaigns. We bring technical and best-practice know-how to the table to ensure campaigns and digital programmes are optimised to deliver the best results.

Our service support can start right at the beginning by understanding your ‘demand’ or ‘digital’ type, creating personas, designing the customer journey, creating the workflow and mapping specific content for each stage. Throughout the process we work in close alignment with your creative team.

All engagements consider your technology infrastructure and the impact activities have on them, be it your marketing automation platform, website, analytics or reporting requirements, data services and segmentation, or your CRM. We also consider organisational structure - field marketers, data owners, your social team, project managers, the demand centre - as well the reach of your programmes (global or local) and the multi-channel coverage.

We then deliver the goods to Sales by ensuring that there’s a robust lead management process in place. This includes scoring to qualify leads, nurturing to make sure no lead is left untouched, aligning Sales and Marketing to ensure there’s a good hand-off and putting a reporting structure in place. Additionally, we develop simple ways to measure performance and highlight areas of continuous improvement.

Underpinning everything we do is best practice, using proven frameworks and approaches to ensure campaigns have the best chance of success and deliver real value to your organisation. Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen Group and SiriusDecisions all report that best-in-class companies who invest in Integrated Demand Generation achieve higher campaign response and conversion rates, an increase in marketing ROI, a decreased time to execute campaigns and a decrease in the cost per lead.

Investment in Integrated Demand Generation drives results

CRMT Digital’s experience shows that those who invest in Integrated Demand Generation achieve great results including:


"CRMT Digital laid the foundations for their accelerated growth and changed the perception of marketing within the company, right up to executive and board level due to the visibility and insight that the Eloqua platform provides."

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A Guide To Successful Demand Gen Led Marketing Execution

A Guide To Successful Demand Gen Led Marketing Execution

Demand generation strategies can drive great marketing results, but you must get the creation and implementation of these strategies right.

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