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Launch successful campaigns with precise data and targeting. Reduce redundant data, and provide a single customer view.

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With the correct data, you can target your campaigns effectively. Our team of experts offer a comprehensive list of services that aim to declutter your data and help you manage the marketing budget.

Targeting services

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Improving lead quality and buyer insight is incredibly valuable to your sales teams, but they are often ignored, or thought of as too complicated to work with. The data they collect can be presented in free text fields, and varies significantly across companies and industries. It is crucial to use technology that can standardise and normalise this data.


Reduce redundant data, and provide your teams with a single customer view.

Data Categorisation

Categorise your data to better predict the performance of your campaigns.

Data Transformation

Standardise your data and drive the success of your marketing teams with continual campaign tuning.

Data Enrichment

Supplement incomplete data using external sources to drive continual campaign optimisation.

CRMT Digital identified that they were not populating the job role field effectively and advised us on the benefits of having this data available on all our contacts, ensuring that we could further segment and target effectively.”

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