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Marketing Maturity

Find out where you are in your maturity journey and develop a roadmap towards excellence.

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How we help

Optimise your technology investments, data and teams and develop a roadmap to improve marketing capability.

Marketing Maturity services

Discover the services we offer.

Platform Assessment and Selection

We can help you to select the martech solutions best aligned to your marketing goals and business objectives.

Marketing Operations Strategy

Marketing operations plays a vital role in aligning people, processes, data, and technology across multiple marketing functions. With pressure to prove the value of marketing, it’s increasingly important to demonstrate results. A Marketing Operations Strategy drives efficiency, unlocks value, and improves maturity and results across your entire marketing organisation. CRMT can help you create that strategy.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing must work together seamlessly to achieve optimal customer experience and shared goals for customer growth and acquisition. There is increasing pressure to drive revenue and achieve growth targets, demonstrating which campaigns achieve the best results. With sales and marketing alignment, this is attainable. CRMT can provide the framework to achieve functional alignment.

Martech Audits

Making the most of your investments in marketing technology, data and processes and proving their value can be challenging. With the capability of marketing technologies growing more and more complex, it’s very easy to merely scratch the surface with their deployment and usage. CRMT Digital have developed frameworks to assess the use of your marketing technologies, as well as your data and marketing processes, reviewing how they are supporting your marketing goals and business objectives whilst highlighting opportunities for optimisation and efficiency gains.

Successful sales and marketing alignment programs result in reduced cost, and increase in growth.”

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