Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2017 Round-Up

May 05, 2017
By Paul Lee

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2017 Round-Up

CRMT ventured to sunny (well, slightly foggy) San Francisco to attend and sponsor the international ‘jet lag lounge’ at Marketo’s 2017 Marketing Nation Summit, and launch the Martech Global network in collaboration with other leading agencies.

The Summit kicked off with an inspiring talk from Steve Lucas, Marketo’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, who urged the audience to think about the concept of “marketing less and engaging more with customers” to stay relevant in the B2B landscape.

Here are our top 3 takeaways:

  1. The engagement economy: Steve Lucas emphasised Marketo’s motto of ‘Listen, learn, inspire’ and that marketers must move from talking at their buyers, to listening to their needs, learning about preferences and behaviours and using this insight to inspire with relevant engagements, using technology as an enabler.
  2. Your brand is what people say about you: Marketers must come to terms with the fact that they can’t prescribe how their brands are talked about by buyers, and audiences are expecting to be treated as valued individuals more than ever.
  3. Volume isn’t value: Buyers are expecting valuable engagements over time to build longer term relationships with brands – marketing should focus on creating personalised buyer experiences.

In between networking with leading marketers and listening to keynotes, we even had time for a little sightseeing, from the Golden Gate bridge to the infamous sealions!

But the real highlight was James Corden. ‘The King of Comedy’ joined Steve Lucas on stage to deliver his views on the challenges marketers face keeping up in an ever-evolving world, with his usual wit. James also revealed that he is not driven by how many views his videos on YouTube get - what matters most to him are the number of channel subscribers. Did you know James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ was the fastest YouTube channel to reach 10 million subscribers in just two years?

Entertainment aside, Marketo made some game-changing announcements of product updates, including a new UI later this year to include:

  • Ability to tag anything, not just programs
  • Variable email sending cadence in Engagement Programs
  • Ability to expire Landing Pages and Trigger Campaigns
  • Ability to copy smart list criteria
  • Ability to bulk approve assets, and bulk activate trigger campaigns
  • Much better searching and filtering on the tree
  • Trend & history information for Smart Campaigns
  • New My Marketo homepage, with widgets and personalisation capabilities.
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