CRM Technologies Supplies Database Technology Expertise For First Ever English National Sport Facility Directory

July 19, 2004
By Colin Marks uses CRM Technologies database expertise.

CRM Technologies Ltd has played a major role in the development of the most complete national directory of sport and leisure facilities ever seen in England. National sports funding and investment body Sport England has just compiled the first-ever complete database of over 10,000 sports and leisure facilities within the country – now online at – as a means of encouraging wider participation in sporting activities throughout the population.

CRM Technologies Ltd provided the mechanisms for raw data entry, as well as de-duplication, verification, merging, formatting and general database-cleaning services, via principal project subcontractors, the leading sport and leisure consultancy, PMP.

“CRM Technologies Ltd offered us the technical expertise, data services and hosting capabilities to assist in building this major database project,” commented PMP principal consultant Claire Howard. “They provided us with a highly dedicated and competent team, with excellent technical capabilities, as well as competitive project value,” she added.

According to Sport England, Active Places establishes and will maintain one authoritative register of sports facilities in England. Whilst many organisations collect and maintain information to varying levels of quality and accuracy, Active Places will ensure the widest possible availability of information about sports facilities, by promoting a common framework within which the data is held.

“We’re delighted to be involved with such a high-profile and large-scale database-building project,” commented CRM Technologies Ltd director Andrew Freeman. “The sheer volume of data that PMP is uncovering meant that we had to design a way of populating the database with raw data both quickly and efficiently. Our database technology expertise will ensure that the data remains both accessible and reliable,” he added.

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