CRM Technologies Expands To Offer Unique Portfolio Of Marketing And Data Services

December 08, 2004
By Colin Marks

CRM Technologies Expands To Offer Unique Portfolio Of Marketing And Data Services

Specialist in outsourced marketing services, CRM Technologies has extended its offering by combining its marketing services with data services as well as technology to provide a complete, one-stop shop for marketing professionals. This includes a new collection of e-marketing management tools that manages complete web and email campaigns. Whether running an event or distributing an e-newsletter, the module automates the entire workflow process to create electronic forms and registration pages, track customers and capture their data, as well as build customer profiles.

CRM Technologies now boasts a unique ability to support direct marketing campaigns from end-to-end. Its data solutions now encompass cleaning and preparation as well as profiling, analysis and reporting, while its marketing services consultancy knits together marketing know-how with technology.

Andrew Freeman, Director at CRM Technologies explains, “We work for organisations such as Sun Microsystems, Sport England, McCann Erickson and McAfee to manage their sales and marketing processes – particularly anything to do with customer data and CRM. The projects we run comprise integrated data services that enable the marketing team to execute, measure and track their campaigns. Our technology offering also allows our customers to integrate e-marketing into their existing practices,” he added.

“We hold customers’ marketing databases, put technology behind them, resource them and build in business processes. By outsourcing parts of their marketing function like this, an organisation need not distract their strategic marketing communications team with ‘low level’ tasks,” concluded Freeman.

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