8 ways to introduce personalisation into your marketing strategy

July 14, 2016

This slideshow offers 8 easy ways to introduce personalisation into your marketing approach.

Personalising enables modern marketers to create highly engaging customer experiences that have continuously proven to generate higher conversion rates and improved lead generation. Yet many of today’s marketers are still only using basic forms of personalisation in their campaigns, a stock email with a category field, whilst a survey on marketing messages conducted by Lyris revealed that 63% of consumers report this no longer has an impact due to the volume of emails they receive.

Here are eight easy ways to help you take the first steps towards improving campaign personalisation.

Through following these eight steps and personalising your marketing strategy you can not only increase your conversion rates but, more importantly, develop a close relationship with potential customers and prospects by showing them that they are more than just a “Hi [First Name]” to you.


  • Personalised marketing means making your content relevant to the target customer AND the marketing channel you are using to reach them
  • Automation takes the heat out of personalisation and liberates your sales and marketing teams to focus on the best-qualified leads
  • All the information you gather from personalised campaigns feeds back into a stronger, streamlined and increasingly rich database
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